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A cherry red peshwas is a royal yet elegant full length gown. This ensemble comes with beautiful gold details making it look magnificent. Fine quality thread-work is further triggering the classy look. Skillfully crafted hemline is adding depth to the overall soulful attire. Matching dupatta completes the overall magnificent look and makes this dress even more luxurious to style on any special day.

This Design Includes:

Embroidered panels 12
Embroidered border 1meter for neckline
Embroidered ghera border 3.5 meter
Embroidered sleeves chan with border
Embroidered dupatta 2.5 meter
Embroidered half bodice front and back with border
2.5 meters cotton silk trouser



A mint green color pishwas with heavy ghair border makes up this royal ensemble. The accents of blue add a whimsical touch of modernity and playfulness to this timeless attire. The look is complete with embroidered organza dupatta in blue and a viscose raw silk secret pant.

This Design Includes:

Embroidered Kaliyan on organza 16
Embroidered Chan for front & back
Bodice (30''W/18''H x 2)
Embroidered sleeves chan + Border
Embroidered Ghera border 3.5 meter
Embroidered organza dupatta 2.5 meter
2.5 meters cotton silk trouser



Add a touch of grandeur to your look with our beautiful pishwas in black. The attire is decorated with elegant work on kalis and gorgeous embroidered border are eminent on its voluminous lower hemline. It is paired with an embroidered dupatta in matching color blending in beautifully to create perfectly dreamy insights.

This Design Includes:

Embroidered Kaliyan 16
Embroidered Dupatta 4 side border 2.5 meter
Embroidered Ghera border 3meter
Embroidered Front and back bodice with border 1meter
Embroidered thin border 1meter
Embroidered Sleeves with border 1meter
2.5 meter cotton silk trouser



Indulge in colors with this vibrant pishwas inspired by bandhni pattern. The combination of magenta and burnt orange is topped with deep bottle green tulle embroidered dupatta with a sprinkle of 9mm sequins worked heavily. Its neckline, sleeves & hem are adorned with dori embroidery done in antique gold dori punctuated by mirror inserts giving it a complete traditional look. It comes with dyed solid pants.

This Design Includes:

1 embroidered neckline with mirrors
2 embroidered bunches for sleeves with mirrors
3.5 m (9mm) thin embroidered border for daaman
2.5 m embroidered net dupatta
Front & back printed bodice on tussur silk
14 printed kalis on tussur silk
Printed sleeves on tussur silk
2.5 m dyed cotton silk trouser



This stunning design can be crafted into a classic pishwas or an A-line flared kalidar as it comes with an accompanying bodice which has been perfectly sized to fit all measurements. It comes with an embroidered sleeves and 8 panels with exquisite climbing florals. There is an additional separate border for the hem which are an in a league of their own. Fully worked in contrasting colored threads with pani sitaras accompanied by a lush organza embroidered dupatta and with a raw silk trouser. This ensemble will make a grand statement this season and timelessly beyond.

This Design Includes:

Embroidered front bodice
Embroidered back bodice
8 embroidered kalis
4 meter embroidered for chaak
6 meter embroidered border for waist, ghera and sleeves
2.5 meter embroidered organza dupatta
0.75 meter dyed sleeves
3.5 meter dyed cotton silk for trousers



A beautiful combination of coral & peach comes together in this stunning ensemble. The shirt is adorned with an embroidered neckline & heavily embroidered border. Its paired with a flared Dhaka pajama & embroidered peach dupatta.

This Design Includes:

Embroidered neckline
30" embroidered front border
30" embroidered back border
30" embroidered border for sleeve hem
2 embroidered bunches for sleeve
1 embroidered bunch for back
2.5 m embroidered organza dupatta
2.5 m dyed cotton net for shirt
4 m dyed organza for Dhaka pajama



Truly experience the essence of basant clad in this honey yellow ensemble. The peshwas is rendered in silver zari and sequins with highlights of sapphire blue thread, it comes with a heavily embroidered dupatta sprawled on sapphire blue organza and same hued dyed silk pants.

This Design Includes:

16 embroidered kalis on organza
Embroidered neckline for front on organza
Embroidered neckline for back on organza
1.5 m embroidered border for bodice front and back on organza
2 embroidered bunches for sleeves on organza
1 m embroidered border for sleeve hem on organza
2.5 m embroidered dupatta on organza
1 m dyed organza for bodice and sleeves (wide width)
2.5 m dyed cotton silk trouser



A picture of poise and beauty. This majestic pishwas boasts yards on the aqua blue printed organza canvas with shining sequins delicately placed onto silver zari worked blooms creating an almost heavenly composition. Pishwas is further detailed with eye-catching embroidery on the front and back bodice with sleeves. The gorgeous organza dupatta features embroidered lehriya beil creating an ethereally elegant ensemble that will be your first choice for any and all formal occasions.

This Design Includes:

Embroidered front bodice
Embroidered Back Bodice
2 Embroidered sleeves
10 printed and embroidered kalis
2.5 meter embroidered dupatta
2.5-meter cotton silk trouser



Stand tall with understated elegance. Featuring a beautiful offwhite pishwas crafted in sheer organza designed with a snug fully embellished bodice that kicks out into a full length pishwas ornamented with sequins all around. The borders are intricately embroidered with silver sequins and zari to create an effortlessly elegant look. Compliment the look with our pretty embroidered dupatta and pants in similar shade to pretty and light weight net that has beautiful texture and a speckle of golden details that captures light and casts beautiful shadows. This serene peshwas comes with a plenty of charm. Compliment the look with our pretty embroidered dupatta and pants in similar shade to make it a timeless piece for evening parties or even a wedding.

This Design Includes:

Embroidered Front Bodice
2 Embroidered Sleeves
16 Embroidered Kalis
3.5 Meter Embroidered Ghera Border
2.5 Meter Embroidered Dupatta with 2 sides border
2.5 Meter Embroidered lace for dupatta pallus



A modern, opulent take on a classic silhouette. Intricate thread embroidery with zari enhances the beauty of our magnificent piece. Hues of turquoise adorn the borders and delicate floral embroidery is sprinkled on the front panel. It has sleeves embellished with glistening all over chan and borders, it comes with an embroidered pant. Dress is paired with a sheer embroidered organza dupatta to give you a lit-from-within glow.

This Design Includes:

Embroidered Front center panel
Embroidered front side panels (left and right)
Embroidered back motif
1.5 m trouser border
1m sleeves chan
8 m thin border for sleeves and daman
2.5 meter embroidered dupatta
2.5 Meter cotton silk trouser



This dreamy Black pishwas is a classic statement piece for any festive occasion day or night. Monochrome is always in style. This black flowy pishwas enchanted with elegant gold embroidery and a running border on daman crafted with hints of sequins. Sheer classic sleeves edged with an embroidered border and motifs. It is paired with an organza dupatta with delicately scattered chan all over. Dress is complimented with a majestic embroidered lehnga in same shade. It is a perfect choice if you want to embrace a timeless look with an elegant display of the best of our classic culture.

This Design Includes:

Embroidered 16 Kalis on organza
Embroidered Front Bodice
2 Embroidered Bunch for sleeve
1m Embroidered Sleeve border
3.5m Embroidered lehnga lace
3.5 Embroidered borders for daman ghera
2.5m Embroidered Organza Dupatta
Dyed organza for sleeve and bodice
4 m dyed Cotton silk lehnga



Complement the festive days with sophisticated ice green, a perfect feast for your event. Style in a sleek tailored look for this embroidered shirt enchanted with a majestic fuchsia pink embroidery and all over pani sitara and multiple color thread chan botis. It is beautifully coordinated with a delicately embroidered organza dupatta and dyed trouser. This is the outfit to pull out for a festive dress up moment.

This Design Includes:

1 embroidered center panel on organza for front
1 embroidered center panel on organza for back
4 embroidered side panel on organza for front and back
2 embroidered 32” daman border on organza for front and back
1 embroidered 40x26” boti on organza for sleeve
1 meter embroidered border on organza for sleeve
2.5 meter embroidered organza for dupatta
2.5 meter dyed cotton silk for trouser


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